Heavy-Duty Truck Repairs in La Salle, CO

Heavy-Duty Truck Repairs

Truck drivers and fleet owners need to have a truck transmission repairs shop they can count on to provide the specialized heavy-duty truck repairs these types of vehicles require. For more than 30 years, J.H.T. Service & Repair, LLC has been that shop for thousands of area drivers and businesses. Here’s a closer look at some of the key services we offer in our shop:

Truck Engine Repairs

  • Semi & fleet mechanical services: J.H.T. Service & Repair, LLC offers major and minor services for semi-trucks, semi-trailer repairs, farm equipment, industrial equipment and more. Our specialties include mechanical, electrical, brake, truck transmission repairs, suspension, and truck engine repairs.
  • Truck AC repairs and truck refrigeration repairs: For vehicles with special truck refrigeration repairs, our technicians are experienced and highly capable in offering the repairs you need. We also offer regular truck AC repairs to keep your truck nice and comfortable.
  • Computer diagnostics: We’re equipped to provide computer diagnostics to pinpoint the precise nature of the problem your vehicle is experiencing. We’re also able to offer these services remotely.
  • Laser track alignments: Alignment problems can be hazardous and costly if not fixed in time. We can provide laser track alignment service for extra precision and accuracy.
  • DOT inspections and repairs: J.H.T. Service & Repair, LLC is certified to provide Department of Transportation inspections and truck and semi-trailer repairs in La Salle, CO.
  • Decking and un-decking trailers: When you need trailers transported on their own—or when you’re done with this and need to be able to use them—we offer decking and un-decking service.
  • New and used parts: J.H.T. Service & Repair, LLC stocks a wide variety of new and used parts for our customers, which also allows us to provide faster repairs.
  • Tire sales and service: We also sell new, used and recapped tires, and are able to provide standard tire services such as repairs, rotations and replacement.

When you’re in need of a shop that can provide A/C repairs, computer diagnostics and truck engine repairs in La Salle, Gilcrest, Auburn, Evans, or Garden City, CO, we hope you’ll turn to the team at J.H.T. Service & Repair, LLC. Contact us at 970-284-5169 to schedule heavy-duty truck repairs or 24/7 emergency roadside service, or just bring your vehicle by our shop. We look forward to assisting you!