A Guide to Commercial Truck Maintenance

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Commercial trucks are capable of transporting thousands of pounds of goods across thousands of miles, and these vehicles have to be maintained to stay in proper working order. Neglecting commercial truck maintenance can cause a number of serious problems that threaten the safety of truckers and drivers and cost thousands of dollars in repairs and part replacement. Thankfully, truckers can avoid serious commercial truck maintenance issues by following some simple steps for maintaining commercial trucks.

Commercial truck maintenance steps

Commercial trucks contain multiple systems and many different parts that each affect the safety, performance and efficiency of the vehicle. To keep trucks running the way they should, there are a few key maintenance steps advised by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA):

  • Tire checks: Tires keep commercial trucks moving, and any issues with tires can keep a vehicle off the road. Regular tire checks should be performed to inspect the tread wear and look for any signs of punctures or damage that could lead to a roadside blowout. Keep the air pressure in the tires consistent with manufacturer recommendations, and invest in tire replacement as soon as the tread depth gets below the recommended level.
  • Fluid maintenance: All of the fluids in a commercial truck serve important roles when it comes to safety and performance. Check and top off these fluids on a regular basis to keep the engine and other major systems running at full capacity. It’s also important to check for leaks in fluid hoses and replace any that are cracked or leaking. Oil changes are also essential aspects of commercial truck maintenance, and should be completed in accordance with manufacturer recommendations.
  • Brake inspections: Without properly functioning breaks, commercial truck drivers can quickly lose control of their vehicle and become involved in an accident or collision. Regular brake inspections are necessary to check the functioning of brake systems and ensure that brake pads are in good working order.
  • Electrical system maintenance: Even minor electrical issues can result in serious problems with visibility, system functioning and compliance. Inspect the wiring for all of your truck lights, including turn signals, hazards, brake lights, headlights and running lights. Failing to replace burnt-out bulbs or repair faulty wiring can have dangerous results when you’re on the road, and it can also leave you vulnerable to major fines and citations. A professional maintenance and repair technician can provide you with a thorough inspection of your electrical and wiring system and repair any problems proactively.

Learn more about maintaining commercial trucks

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