Do Fuel Additives Actually Work?

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Rising prices at the gas pumps will make some folks do anything they can to save a few bucks. These measures include things like walking, riding their bikes or taking public transportation instead of driving. However, some drivers out there take it one step further by using gas additives in La Salle, CO.

Fuel additives are pills or liquids that claim to give vehicles better gas mileage, clean the engine and even reduce emissions. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, officials at the Federal Trade Commission tend to agree. Recently, the FTC went as far as calling one fuel additive “worthless,” and forced the product’s manufacturer to pay out an $800,000 settlement for making false claims that their gas additive drastically reduced fuel consumption.

Benefits of fuel additives

Though gas additives might not be as effective as they claim to be, they still have some upsides. Here are a few reasons why you should consider using a fuel additive:

  • Easy to use: There’s no doubt about it—fuel additives are the simplest product out there when it comes to car maintenance. All you have to do is add the pill or liquid to your gas tank! Even if the additive doesn’t turn your gas guzzler into a super fuel-efficient vehicle, one could argue that it’s at least worth a try. At a price of about $5 per bottle at an auto store, there’s no reason not to give it a shot.
  • Cleans the engine: Fuel additives were designed to keep your engine clean and prevent the buildup of gunk that robs it of performance. The idea is that a cleaner engine is a more fuel-efficient one. By keeping your engine clean, gas additives can prevent the need for pricy engine work, like replacing the fuel injector. As long as you’re not expecting your fuel additive to be a cure-all, you shouldn’t be disappointed by the results.
  • Possibly improves fuel economy: Some fuel additive manufacturers claim that their products drastically reduce the amount of fuel your vehicle uses—and, as mentioned above, at least one manufacturer has paid out the nose for making these wild statements. Mechanics say that if you do see any change in fuel-efficiency, the difference will be marginal at best. But for only $5, why not give it a try? At best, you’ll save a few bucks on gas, and at worst, you’ll have a slightly cleaner engine.
  • Saves money: Whether it’s at the gas pump or the auto shop, gas additives can potentially save you money. If claims are true that gas additives can improve fuel economy, you won’t have to fuel up as often. Assuming claims about cleaning the engine are true; you may not have as many mechanical problems with your vehicle, saving you a boatload on repairs.

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